2019 is just rising and we have great HERRSCHAFT news for you !

First, you will see that we have revamped our Website with a more modern design, and a linked newsfeed with our Facebook and Instagram pages, but more importantly a fully functionnal NEW SHOP in which you can find all our merchandising !

Second, because a good news never come alone, we are quite proud to announce that our next album is finished and will be released this year. Yes ! Finally ! As we’re currently refining some details, we’ll keep the silence for now on name and tracklisting but be sure you will hear from us in the upcoming months !

And lastly, keep an eye on our facebook for our next gigs, two dates are confirmed so far : we’ll be at the HELLFET CVLT private party – March 30th in Clisson, France, with our friends from SHAARGHOT, and we’ll be frontlining HOCICO on 19th of April in Paris, @Le GIBUS !
And of course some more gigs to be announced soon !

Stay in touch, all the crew is wishing you the best Electro & Metal year you can have. On our side, be assured that we will kick some ass this year !



3 weeks ago
Mont de Metal S3 32

For those who want to find what the next HERRSCHAFT album will be like, you can find in this podcast TWO NEW SONGS from our upcoming album! Yes!
And for the french speakers you'll have a French ... See more

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4 weeks ago
Timeline Photos

TONIGHT! Join us Ith @ocicoh at le Gibus!

1 month ago

Great news : we are proud to announce that we signed a deal with Black Speech Booking! Stay in touch for further news and fun!