2019 is just rising and we have great HERRSCHAFT news for you !

First, you will see that we have revamped our Website with a more modern design, and a linked newsfeed with our Facebook and Instagram pages, but more importantly a fully functionnal NEW SHOP in which you can find all our merchandising !

Second, because a good news never come alone, we are quite proud to announce that our next album is finished and will be released this year. Yes ! Finally ! As we’re currently refining some details, we’ll keep the silence for now on name and tracklisting but be sure you will hear from us in the upcoming months !

And lastly, keep an eye on our facebook for our next gigs, two dates are confirmed so far : we’ll be at the HELLFET CVLT private party – March 30th in Clisson, France, with our friends from SHAARGHOT, and we’ll be frontlining HOCICO on 19th of April in Paris, @Le GIBUS !
And of course some more gigs to be announced soon !

Stay in touch, all the crew is wishing you the best Electro & Metal year you can have. On our side, be assured that we will kick some ass this year !



1 day ago
Hellfest Open Air Festival

Si vous souhaitez nous voir au Hellfest, n'hésitez pas à nous citer sur ce post du festival !

[ TEMPLE 2020 ]

Black Metal, Doom, Pagan ou autres musiques obscures, quels sont selon vous les pépites ou les classiques que vous souhaiteriez voir envahir notre Temple pour l’édition 2020 ... See more

1 day ago

Retour de vacances ! (oui on a preis un peu de rab aux Enfers).
La publication des chroniques et interviews reprend.
Merci W-Fenec pour cette chronique !

"Retour avec du neuf pour ... See more

6 days ago

Our friend Pamlee playing our song during his show.
All hail Pamlee.

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Brutal Forest #Brutalforest #Pamlee #Herrshaft #Metal #Indus #DJ #GreendandBlack 🤘🏿